GR - 92

(north to south) BEGUR – TAMARIU (coastal)
  • Difficulty:Moderate - High
  • Duration:5 hours
  • Distance:11,5km

The starting point is the Sot d’en Ferrer car park in the old town of Begur. From here, take the old path towards Sa Tuna, the track used by the townsfolk in the past to reach the cove. Having crossed over the winding road heading down to the coast at several points, the path passes through a number of residential areas before arriving at the delightful cove of Sa Tuna. If you follow the coastal path southwards you will reach the Mirador de Sant Josep lookout, before heading along a narrow track offering splendid panoramic views of Begur's wildest and most untouched stretch of coastline. This track leads to the road running through the La Borna property development, where you should first follow the tarmac roads, and then the earth track leading to the road to the old optical telegraph post, the site of the Mirador del Cap de Begur lookout. Head a few yards back the same way and then continue along the tarmac road as far as a junction where there is a signpost marked with two flags. Here, take the rough track leading towards the Puigsaguardia area. This section passes over the former field tracks, and then heads sharply downhill as far as the Mirador d’Aiguablava lookout, close by Platja Fonda. There is a signpost here indicating the tarmac road that you should take, as far as the entrance to a private property. At this point, you should head along the Rec ses Gralles gully. Follow this alongside the storm drain and houses, and after a sharp downhill section you will once again reach the residential roads, and then continue along the coastal path. This old track along the coastline follows the water's edge, linking up the little coves in Fornells. Keep heading southwards, first passing through the cove of n’Estasia, and then Ses Orats, followed by en Malaret and lastly Port d’Esclanyà, which leads on to the beach of Aiguablava.

From this point, follow a section of tarmac road which climbs gently upwards to the hill at Ses Faluges, and then follow the gully that runs through the woods very closest by the Mas del llor, where there is a signpost indicating the earth track (the former route linking the fishing settlement of Tamariu to Begur), which leads to the famous beach at Tamariu.


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