Indians Fair - September 6,7 and 8 2024

Indians Fair - September 6, 7 and 8 2024

The fair celebrates the strong connection between Cuba and Begur, which dates back to the large numbers of local people who emigrated to the island over the course of the 19th century. On their return to the town, those who had made their fortune in business built showy houses that still adorn the streets of Begur. Known as the "Americans", they aimed to recreate their Cuban lifestyle, while leaving behind a varied cultural legacy.

On the first weekend in september, Begur is transformed, recreating a period of history which left a profound influence on our town and on our identity. The streets and squares of Begur are the setting for a market featuring overseas produce, displays of traditional crafts, and musical performances. The Fair begins with an official opening conducted by political dignitaries and individuals associated with the world of the Indies.

A range of musical activities are scheduled over the course of the Fair. Caribbean rhythms, with such internationally renowned Cuban groups as Barnahabana and Lla Máquina del Sabor, guarantee fun and enjoyment for a demanding audience.

There are also plenty of traditional havanera songs, street shows and recreations of the colonial era. All of which is rounded off with a range of cultural activities: exhibitions, guided tours , interviews, conferences, documentaries and roundtable discussions, analysing and showcasing the legacy of the "Americans".

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