Camí de l'Aigua

  • Difficulty:Moderate - Low
  • Duration:40 minutes approximately
  • Distance:2.60 km

The starting point is the cemetery roundabout at the entrance to the village. Follow the signposts across the Arbreda park and you will arrive at the car park just to the north (which is the alternative starting point for visitors arriving by car). From the car park, head to an open space with a water tank, passageway and dry stone wall. Cross the bridge and follow the path over the riverbed, just before the Carrer Mercuri cul-de-sac. Here you should continue along the track that runs parallel to the watercourse on the right-hand bank as far as the next crossing, just before the second water-related heritage site, comprising a spring, laundry and well. From here the house crosses over three roads: Carrer Isidre Monell, the Platja del Racó highway and Carrer Roca del Mas Mató, each of which is marked with pedestrian crossings. Beyond this point, the path crosses over the watercourse three times before reaching the Mas Mató mill, a complex comprising the mill and a wall in the form of a letter “E”, used to store up water from the La Pera spring. To the south of the yard there is an exit onto Carrer Santiago Russiñol, the road which leads back to the beach at Sa Riera.